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adibarill communications is a media consulting and content creation firm that helps clients reach their business goals and expose their ideas, messages and products, while simultaneously creating a significant impact within their target audiences. Our firm is led by Adi Barill, founder and CEO, media consultant, spokesperson and an experienced marketing professional.

With a strong affinity and deep knowledge to media, marketing and digital channels, and an understanding of business and technology, we jointly build and create our clients’ brand personality, and choose their appropriate strategy.

The firm’s work is defined by constant initiative and creative solutions, with an emphasis on matching our strategy to our customer’s DNA. We believe in an uncompromising professionalism and in involvement  in our clients’ decision-making process regarding business plans and other important decisions they are confronted with. We stand by them daily, handling media through significant business announcements, in times of crisis and in the events of celebrating success.

We love what we do and are happy to be members of our clients’ leading team.

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About Adi Barill

As someone who lives and breathes  media and communications 24 hours a day, I am very fortunate to be working at adibarill communications in the fields of media and content creation. I love to dive into the worlds of my business partners (AKA my clients) – to understand their business and become part of their team.

For every encounter and situation, I bring over 15 years of professional experience with the Israeli and international media. Over the years, I have managed the media outlets of dozens of local and global companies, including the fields of business, hi-tech and entrepreneurship, academia, finance, banking and capital markets, transportation, law, placement and career management.

I am a fan of technology and of the business world and follow the capital markets in Israel and internationally. I have extensive experience throughout the media world, mostly due to my career as a news reporter for Israel Radio and other media outlets. I acquired my understanding and experience in marketing and sales as the Head of Marketing and Advertising at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya and as the VP of marketing and business development at the global accounting and consulting firm PwC. I have the ability to serve a variety of clients from different content worlds.

I have an MA in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Communication and Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I am also a graduate of the Israel Broadcast Authority radio station professional course.

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