Building a Communications Strategy

Quality media results begin with a smart strategy. In order to bring your ideas, messages and products to your target audience, we define the media channels together, identify the target audience, explore the business environment in which you, and your competitors operate, and study your business goals.

Combining traditional and new media channels, we are able to pave the way for the client’s target audiences, while adapting the content and messages to the best suited communications medium, preparing a long-term work plan that will bring the customer to their destination.

Communications and Public Relations

The key to long-term media exposure is constant initiative. We are connected to the media and live the events in real time.

New regulation, trends, data and research, statements by decision makers and more – all these outlets are opportunities for media exposure, and we know how to direct your business to the right places. We take care of our clients’ exposure through a variety of methods: news articles and newsletters, op-eds and expert articles on broad topics, surveys and indices, along with information on business developments such as new products, investments, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and more.

We promote campaigns, events and exposure generating events, such as conferences, social initiatives and more. When necessary, in times of crisis, we lead the media policy and conduct into action.


The daily work, which is mainly the bread and butter of our profession, is managing contact with the media and all audiences as spokesperson of the organization.

Our expertise in understanding the client’s dynamic environment helps us adapt the communications messages to its needs, at the right time and the right place.

Life in the media and business field creates quite a few exposure opportunities, along with the occasional crises. We stand by the client at all times, managing his contact with the media in all areas of his activity, proactively and with responsively, as required.

Effective Content

“Content is king”, they say. We live it, in practice.

We know how to produce original and effective content in all media: printed press, magazines, online news sites, radio, television, video, blogs, podcasts, social media and any content your customers consume. We can advice you on what media you should or should not be on, what should be avoided and how to use the right messaging.

Crisis Management

Years of working in the media with dozens of organizations and individuals, have yielded considerable experience in identifying and preventing in advance media crises arising from business, legal or commercial events. When necessary, we know how to navigate the situation, and act to reduce the consequences of the crisis, while protecting the reputation of the organization.

We accompany our clients from the moment the crisis breaks out and through it, while making all efforts to minimize the damage while empowering the company in the public sphere.

Digital Media

In an age of multiple channels of communications and media, one of our most important tasks is to maintain the uniformity of the message while adapting it to the relevant medium. The media, marketing and advertising channels must operate in full sync.

The basis for any exposure in any medium is content. We know how to lead the day-to-day strategy and management of social and digital media. We know the right language for the different social media channels, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other platform. We know how to lead social content campaigns, promote digital advertising and maximize the effectiveness of the message in the appropriate channels.

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